The specialized open symmetrical container with a volume of 2 m3   is designed for collection and temporary storage of construction and municipal solid waste. The construction fully complies with DIN 30735. It is made of sheet metal with a thickness of 3 mm, and is ribbed with cold-bent profiles for high strength and load capacity. The container is double-sided primed and painted on the outside in a color desired by the customer. They can be stacked together for convenience in transport and storage.


  • length: 1915 mm, basket: 1841 mm;
  • width: 1510 mm, basket: 1363 mm;
  • height: 1120 mm;
  • net weight: 230 kg.


The container can be made of sheet metal with different thickness of the bottom, profiles and sides to meet the special needs of the client.

"Гафуров Сервиз" ЕООД