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"Gafurov Servis" Ltd. specializes in the production and trade of both metal and plastic containers and industrial wheels and casters. The company offers a wide range of containers and wheels of different sizes, capacities and loads. Our product range also includes technical salt for road snow melting.

Our products:

Hot deep galvanized metal garbage bin with metal round lid 1100 liters
Garbage container 1100 liters with flat lid

Metal containers made of high quality sheet metal. Suitable for separate waste collection and household waste collection. Volume of 1100 liters.

Metal waste bin produced with 1.00 mm sheet metal (steel sheet with additional galvanizing).

Metal bin with lid 110 liters
2 wheeled plastic bin 120 liters

Produced with 100% primary high density polyethylene (HDPE). Suitable for the collection of household and industrial waste. Capacity of 120 and 240 liters.

Plastic container 1100 liters. Suitable for garbage collection, household and industrial waste. Produced with 100% primary high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Plastic garbage container 1100 liters with round lid
Industrial rubber wheel for garbage containers without brake
Industrial wheel for garbage bins and containers

Metal wheels for garbage containers. Reliable 4 mm forklift. Wheels with brake and without brake mechanism!

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