Stretch film for packaging


Manual and automatic stretching for pallets. Different widths 125, 250, 500 mm and thicknesses - 12, 13.5, 15, 17 and 23 microns. Elongation of 150 and 400% and excellent adhesive properties - protects from dust and water. We offer you quality stretch film with excellent indicators - strength, stretchability and gluing for trouble-free palletizing, stabilization and transportation. We offer very thin films - from 12 microns, as well as pre-stretch films with thicknesses of 5 and 12 microns for maximum savings. We have a wide range of foils, produced by the two main technologies - by flat extrusion (cast) and by blown extrusion (blown).

Standard hand stretch sizes:

  • Width - 500 mm. - 1.2 kg roll; 0.2 kg. spool
  • Width - 500 mm. - 2 kg roll; 0.2 kg. spool
  • Width - 500 mm. - 2.2 kg roll; 0.2 kg. spool
  • Width - 500 mm. - 3 kg roll; 0.2 kg. spool
  • Width - 500 mm. - 3.2 kg roll; 0.2 kg. spool



Packaging tape


We offer all types of packaging tape (BOPP tape) - acrylic tape, solvent tape, hotmelt tape, eco solvent for various applications. Available widths - 12 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm, 48 mm, 75 mm and lengths - from 40 to 900 meters in a roll for machine use. Colors transparent, brown and white. The company sticks to its name and does not make compromise with the quality of its products. The self-adhesive packaging tapes we offer are used both in industry and in agriculture. Priority choice for trouble-free operation of most manufacturing companies in the industrial sector, wine industry, export companies, food industry. We offer attractive conditions, good prices and trade discounts for wholesale. We maintain large stocks, which allows us a quick response and reliable service. Variety of sizes, colors and types in stock. We also fulfill specific requests. We have adhesive tape for every application - thickness of the stickers from 40 to 55 microns for packing both light and heavy loads. We offer self-adhesive packaging tapes for work in the temperature range from -10 to +40 degrees. We also offer cost-effective solutions, as well as a free consultation. We have duct tape for every application, even for refrigeration.

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