Metal bin with lid 110 liters

Our company - "Gafurov Servis" LTD. offers a metal waste bin 110 L. Made of 1.00 mm. sheet metal (steel sheet with additional galvanizing). Hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461: 2009. Additional ribs on the body, lid and bottom for greater strength and resistance to extreme weather conditions - low and high temperature! The metal waste bin cover all European norms and standards: EN 840 - 1, EN 840 - 5, EN 840 - 6! 

They are serviced by all specialized vehicles with standard EN 1501 - 01 or equivalent! Suitable to use both in urban environments and at home. 

The construction ensures tight closure and reduces the emission of unpleasant odors in an urban environment. 


  • Capacity: 110 L
  • Load capacity: 80 kg
  • Lid opening direction: throw back 
  • Body: 1 mm
  • Possible production of 1.2 mm. sheet metal!
  • Possibility for a shock-absorbing rubber buffer, protecting the bottom from deformations and noise! 
  • Coating: hot-dip galvanized
Metal bin with lid 110 liters with open lid
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