The specialized open asymmetric container 4 m3 for construction waste is designed for collection and storage of construction waste. The construction of the container is made in full accordance with DIN 30735. The container is ribbed with cold-bent profiles for higher strength and load capacity. They can be stacked into each other and serviced by specialized machines. The container is bilaterally primed and unilaterally painted in a color desired by the customer.

It is made of sheet metal S235JR with the following thicknesses:

  • bottom sheet thickness: 4 mm,
  • sheet thickness of the walls: 3 mm,
  • thickness of the sheet metal of the reinforcing profiles: 3 mm.

The profiles have the following dimensions:

  • Reinforcing profiles around the opening of the container: 60x40 mm
  • Axles for lifting the container: 4 pieces F30 mm
  • Limiting plates of the axles: b = 8 mm
  • Vertical profiles on the wall, bearing the axes for lifting the container: 80x40 mm
  • Side angles: 90x50x5 mm
  • Axle for turning the container: F30х186 mm
  • Ribs for gripping the turning axle: 2 pieces b = 8 mm, welded to the front of the container
  • Additional reinforcement of the unit with the turning axis inside the container


  • Length: 2483 mm, basket: 2429 mm
  • Width: 1518 mm, basket: 1389 mm
  • Height: 1500 mm
  • Net weight: 355 kg.


The container can be made of sheet metal with different thickness of the bottom, profiles and sides to meet the special needs of the client.

"Гафуров Сервиз" ЕООД